Heikki Hyttinen, president and CEO

Flowrox expands operations on the mainland

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Pumps and valves from Finland are helping to maintain a steady flow of wearing materials processed by industries on the mainland. Flowrox, a specialised producer of industrial pumps and valves, will be expanding its operations to provide broader customer support and products that will also be distributed throughout Asia.

Flowrox has kept mining, minerals processing and metallurgical companies running smoothly for 30 years. Its extensive experience in varied industries enables it to advise clients requiring customised systems. Together with its valve and pump solutions, Flowrox offers consultancy to help companies that deal with abrasive media and to boost their process reliability, energy efficiency and productivity.

"Flowrox is well positioned to address all those energy efficiency and productivity points that are in China's 12th five-year plan," says president and CEO Heikki Hyttinen.

Most of Flowrox's products are tailor-fit to customer specifications. The company refers to its own application experience and expertise to help clients choose the right pumps and valves and replace underperforming parts. Flowrox also leverages its rubber and elastomer expertise for its valves and pumps, which are designed to protect against dirt, wear and jamming.

"We work with customers who want to improve the process reliability and productivity of their process plants, and we help them reduce their total cost of ownership if they invest in our solutions," Hyttinen says.

Companies using Flowrox's valves and pumps are able to process materials at higher concentrations and as such, improve the yield and capacity of their existing process equipment.

Flowrox's hose pumps and progressive cavity pumps transport wearing materials such as slurry and chemicals through pipes using the least possible energy. Its patented design improves the hydraulic performance and the energy and service efficiency of the pumps compared to traditional technology.

Flowrox's valves and pump solutions are also found in coal-fired power plants and municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems. The company's products are indispensable in construction materials and the oil and gas industry for transporting sand and cement, and for processing oil sands and drilling mud.

Local companies that understand the value of investing into long-term cost-saving solutions are welcome to partner with Flowrox as it works through its network of representatives on the mainland.

In 2010, Flowrox opened an office in Shanghai, from where it will reach out to potential partners in Southeast Asia.