Morgan off with hopes of new job

TREVOR Morgan returns to Britain tomorrow hoping to take up a coaching post with an English First Division side.

Morgan, formerly a player-coach with Exeter, has been released by struggling South China after taking a lot of blame for the Hongkong champions' poor form.

But the burly striker, who shared 49 goals with Steve Neville last season, said most of the blame is unwarranted.

''I'm disappointed with how the year ended,'' said Morgan. ''I think the foreign players have come in for a lot unfair criticism.

''It wasn't only the foreign players who were playing badly. We started the season by winning the Aw Hoe Cup, and I think by then people were deciding who should be in the team.'' Both Morgan and Neville were released after South China's 4-0 defeat to Eastern in last month's Senior Shield final.

A third foreign player, Max Christie, will not have his contract extended beyond his three-month trial period.

Goalkeeper Allen McKnight, Yugoslavian forward Anto Grabo and George Haniotis are South China's other foreign players.

Morgan said he is currently negotiating with an English First Division club.

''I'm 70 per cent sure I've got something lined up.

''I'm leaving Hongkong in the best of terms with South China,'' he added.

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