Marcos deal over fortune

MANILA: Government lawyers and Imelda Marcos have agreed on the terms for the transfer to Philippine banks of US$356 million (HK$2.8 billion) that her husband allegedly stashed away in Switzerland, Solicitor-General Mr Raul Goco said.

He said the Government had conceded to a request by the widow of deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos that 70 per cent of the amount be deposited in a government bank and the remaining 30 per cent be placed in private financial institutions.

Specialist dies TOKYO: Mr Peter Morse, a prominent US specialist on Japanese woodblock prints, was found dead in his Tokyo hotel room. Mr Morse, 57, died of natural causes, police said.

Taller children TOKYO: Japanese children are getting taller and heavier each generation, according to a Ministry of Education study which found that 13-and 14-year-old boys were on average 9.5 cm taller than their parents were at the same age.

Lethal alcohol BANGKOK: Two prisoners died and five were seriously ill after drinking alcohol they stole from Pattalung provincial prison's furniture workshop for a New Year celebration, officials said.

Travel review JAKARTA: Justice Minister Mr Ismail Saleh has said Jakarta will review a travel ban that prevents an estimated 33,000 Indonesians entering or leaving the country.