Fine weather boosts meet

THIS year's athletic championships of the Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing School was held in fine weather at the Shamshuipo Sports Ground.

It was sunny all morning although it got a little bit cloudy in the afternoon. The number of students participating in the various events was 1,488, the highest in recent years. Encouragingly, there were nine record-breaking events at the meet.

Cheering teams of the four Houses - North, South, East and West - encouraged their members. East House won the Best Cheering Team award. Guest-of-honour Yeung Chor-hang presented the prizes to the winners.

RESULTS Overall champions: East House Boys' Grade A champion: Chan Wing-leung (West House); Grade B champion: Ho Lap-man (North House); Grade C champion: Tsang Kai-man (East House) Girls' Grade A champion: Sin Ming-shan (North House); Grade B champion: Li Ching-wan (North House); Grade C champion: Cheung Ah-lai (West House)