Illegal abortions denied by doctor

A MEDICAL practitioner yesterday denied he had performed illegal abortions on three women after they signed forms agreeing with his diagnosis that their foetuses had died and they needed operations.

To Chan-fung, 36, has denied three counts of using unknown means with intent to procure miscarriage while a woman, Chan Sau-ping, 51, has denied a charge of aiding and abetting him in one of the offences.

They are being tried by a jury before Deputy High Court Judge Pang.

Senior Crown counsel Mr Patrick Li said Ms Szeto Fung-yee went to Chan's clinic on July 14, 1990, when she discovered she was pregnant. After paying $2,500, she was taken by Chan to To's Nathan Road clinic where she was asked to sign a paper to indicate that the foetus had died and she agreed to have a curettage.

To then performed the abortion and she left the clinic, counsel said.

The court heard that two other similar incidents occurred on July 27 and August 20, 1990.

It was the Crown's case that the women, Ms So Siu-ching and Ms Lo Ka-yee, were both asked to sign similar consent forms before To allegedly operated on them.

Giving evidence for the Crown yesterday, Ms Szeto maintained that she consulted the doctors because of pain in the abdomen and non-stop bleeding.

The hearing continues.