Kvaerner looks to its workers

KVAERNER Govan shipyard, which is famous for its Clyde-built ships, acknowledges that its future and viability depends upon the performance of its employees.

The company, which traces its origins back to 1834, places a major emphasis on the recruitment and retention of a well-trained, highly educated and motivated workforce.

Kvaerner Govan, which also had a good record for passenger ship building, recently delivered two vessels to Far East owners.

The Norsea is the largest passenger vessel built in the UK since the QE2.

The shipyard has also developed a large variety of bulk carrier designs, including OBO carriers, self discharging Panamax vessels, open-hatch geared bulk carriers and custom-built colliers.

It also specialises vessels like gas carriers, chemical tankers, self-unloading bulk carriers, reefers and other sophisticated vessels.