Melting pot temperature rises

CHINESE-Americans must feel they have become part of the great United States melting pot, with news that one of their number has been accused of racial discrimination.

Hongkong-born Steven Hui, security boss at the Sultan of Brunei's plush Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, is alleged to have racially abused 10 white, Hispanic and black staff in his charge.

California's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated the case before ruling against the 10. Undaunted, they filed a lawsuit alleging Hui failed to promote black guards, fabricated reasons to discipline them, used racial slurs and refused to let them take up well-paid extra work as bodyguards for guests.

''He'd pit Hispanic against black and black against white,'' alleged one of the plaintiffs, all of whom have been fired from the pink-coloured hotel which is a favourite with the facelift and mineral water crowd.