Transplant view

I AM writing in response to the article ''How one man died and saved four lives'' (Sunday Morning Post, December 20).

I am glad to hear the parents of the 21-year-old man agreed to donate his organs to four patients. Their generosity sets a good example for Hongkong people.

Apart from the four recipients, there are still many patients waiting for organ transplants. Some people proposed that Hongkong should follow Singapore's step in transplanting the organs of people after death to other suitable patients unless the prospective donors had forbidden it.

In my opinion, this step should not be taken in Hongkong so quickly because Hongkong people still cannot accept donating their organs after death.

They have the concept they will not be able to be reborn if their organs are removed.

I think the Hongkong Government should educate people to change their attitudes on organ donation.

In addition, organ donation cards should have legislative effect. Anyone who has signed a donation card would become a donor after death, despite opposition from parents.

It is ridiculous to follow the will of parents but not the will of the patient who will have agreed to donate organs by signing the card.

I would like to add my gratitude to the 21-year-old man who donated his organs and to his parents who agreed.

I wish the four recipients a speedy recovery and I hope more Hongkong people become donors. JOANNA LO, Sha Tin.