Youth assaulted 'for staring'

A TEENAGER punched and kicked a youth after accusing him of staring at another person, the District Court heard yesterday.

The victim suffered abrasions to his face, lips and back, a cut forehead and a nosebleed in the attack in a video games centre.

Wong Chung-keung, 18, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm on teenager Leung Lun-fun. He also pleaded guilty to three separate counts of burglary.

Wong admitted stealing 380 cartons of cigarettes, two Wah Kiu Commercial Bank cheques and $26,400 in cash from three shops in Wong Tai Sin in February last year.

Judge Britton sent him to a training centre.

Prosecuting counsel Mr Selwyn Aun told the court that on February 6 last year, Lun-fun was playing video games at the Dim Amusement Games Centre in Wan Fung Street, Tsz Wan Shan.

A man stood behind him and watched people playing the games. Lun-fun had turned and looked at the man several times.

The man slapped Lun-fun's face and accused him of staring at him.

As Lun-fun went to leave the games centre, he was stopped by the defendant, Wong, and two other males.

After being punched and kicked by one of the males, he ran out of the centre towards Fung Tak Estate, chased by the trio.

As he arrived at Suet Fung House, he was stopped by the three men and four others. He was taken to a corridor, where he was punched by Wong and the others.

Lun-fun told his older brother about the assault and a report was made to the police.

Four days later, he and his brother were walking past the games centre when he saw Wong. He went up to a police officer and pointed out Wong.

Wong was arrested. Under caution, he admitted to punching Lun-fun several times.

He also admitted the burglaries in Wong Tai Sin.

Defence counsel Mr Eric Kwok said that Wong did not have a stable or happy childhood.

''His father was a drug addict and his mother had to bring him up by herself and left the area of discipline somewhat lacking,'' he said.

Mr Kwok said that Wong lived in an area where there were many undesirable elements and that he was attracted to them at the age of 14.