Fun at Physics Week

THERE'S ''physics behind fun and fun behind physics'' is the theme of a special event now on at the Hongkong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

The event demonstrates that physics is both an interesting and practical subject, and not just an academic subject.

The Physics Students' Society of HKUST is organising the Physics Week, which began yesterday and continues till January 16 on the HKUST campus.

The event includes a series of activities, such as laboratory sessions, an exhibition and public lectures.

During the Physics Week, the teaching laboratory will be opened to secondary students who have booked it in advance.

There will be experiments and demonstrations on special topics, such as holograph, multi-channel analyser, high temperature superconductor, laser, air track and current balance.

The exhibition will be held in the HKUST atrium. There will be 10 counters, covering special topics, such as the ''Amazing World of Particles'' and ''Time Machine''.

In addition, a public lecture will be conducted by Dr Michael K. Y. Wong, lecturer of the HKUST Physics Department.

The lecture, on the topic ''Physics and Tomorrow's Technology'', will be held on January 16 at 11 am in the Lecture Theatre Room G044, HKUST.

For more information about the Physics Week, contact the Physics Department at 368-7500.