Casual wear proves smart move to make

SMART casual wear may seem like a contradiction in terms, but the last 10 years have seen a boom in this area of clothing.

With the rise of designer labels, even the humble T-shirt has become a fashion statement.

Hongkong manufacturers have been at the forefront of this design revolution by producing innovative fabrics, designs and accessories.

Sportswear has come out of the gym, ski wear is off the slopes and bright colours are the rage.

Six casual wear manufacturers will show their goods at Hongkong Fashion Week. Broad trends suggest corduroy shirts and trousers in bright colours will remain in vogue.

Denim jackets will be highlighted with leather trim and metal studs. Velour sportswear will be in delicate pastel shades for both men and women.

Jackets will be A-line while capes and jumpsuits will reflect a Mexican influence with broad bright stripes.

Printed silk casuals are to feature panther-print fur details, while padded jackets will be styled after skaters' outfits.

Children have not been forgotten. Jackets, skirts and trousers will be padded for warmth and given young appeal using checks and prints.

Full Wealth International specialises in classic denim garments. Jackets and parkas come with black leather collars, sleeves or cuffs, while skirts, trousers, shorts and other jackets are highlighted with leather fringes.

The products are marketed under the Billy label and sold throughout Asia.

Hot pants are still in fashion according to the collection presented by Kwong Wai Tai Sports Wear Factory.

The Casilino label is produced by the Lee Shing Industrial Group. Velour sweatshirts, trousers and skirts come in pastel tones with a loose, comfortable shape, made interesting by the inventive use of zips and drawstrings.

More children's wear will be exhibited by the Success Manufacturing firm under the Fitjack label. The full range of jackets, trousers, shorts, jeans and skirts are styled along the lines of aviator uniforms.

Checked and embroidered trousers and skirts come in eye-catching green, yellow and blue.

The Mirage label, designed by top designer Zanio Chu, gives jackets, parkas, blouses and skirts a new look.

Loose and less formal clothes from Wenlo's Apparel Manufacturer accent loose silhouettes in cotton, based on skating outfits under the Evens Leo Lo label.