Broken engagement

MILLIONS of fans of The Shadowboxers dotted around the territory (er?) will be utterly devastated to learn that the duo's guitarist, Neil Harris, is an injured little gladioli at the moment.

Yes, in a mysterious ''incident'' at the weekend, Neil broke his collarbone and his arm is now in a sling. This is somewhat adversely affecting his ability to play the guitar.

So the duo has to throw in the towel for the next few weeks while Neil heals.

Cancelled gigs include performances at the Fringe Festival on Saturday and Sunday, an appearance at the Just for Jesse Rockathon at the South Island School on Saturday afternoon (see Letters Page for further details), and the Oxford and Cambridge ball atthe American Club in Tai Tam on the same night (we thought that was supposed to be medieval?).

Neil's disappointed partner, Gerald Tannam, revealed yesterday that the duo was planning to recruit a drummer and another guitarist soon so such a catastrophe will never happen again.