Rap band give value for money

YEEEAHHHHH boiz! The Ko Shan Theatre in Hunghom could have been classified a disaster area last night after hard-core rap band Public Enemy rocked the house right down to its foundations.

The band consisting of the S.1.W's (Security Of the 1st World), DJ Terminator X and rappers Chuck D and Flavor Flav, promised to give the audience something they don't usually get from the acts that come to Hongkong - value for money.

And that they did, opening the show with Night Of The Living Bassheads and Bring Tha Noize. The audience immediately leapt to its feet and up on to the seats where they remained for more than two hours.

With controversy constantly surrounding them, lead rapper Chuck D caused a stir when expressing his dissatisfaction with Britain in general and the British monarchy in particular.

The show was only 60 per cent sold out yesterday afternoon, but by the time Public Enemy took to the stage the theatre was almost full.