Moral lessons via TV

Many adults are confused by life in a world full of different moral values, and the problem is even greater for growing teenagers.

To help Hong Kong's younger generation develop strong moral principles, RTHK has produced a TV series called Ethics Education which is intended to be educational as well as entertaining.

Ethics Education will be shown on the ATV Home channel at 7 pm every Wednesday.

Starting tonight, the 15-episode programme will discusses a wide range of subjects, including smoking, soft drugs, family relationships, exam pressure and love affairs among youngsters.

The programme will take the form of a drama or documentary, and the production team will interview students from different schools.

Canto-pop band Beyond, which sings the programme theme song Live Superb, will be the guest presenters.

To mark the launch of the programme, RTHK held an 'Ethics Education' concert recently at the Kwai Fong Metropolitan Plaza.