Rebels look to code of conduct

THE rebel Hongkong Judo Federation has called on the sport's local governing body to use the SDB's new code of practice as a means of unifying judo's two factions.

The Sports Development Board's 11-point code of practice will come into effect on April 1 with the intention of providing local associations with guidelines on the use of public funds.

Judo has had a torrid history in local sport and the Hongkong Judo Association has recently come under scrutiny for alleged unfair practices.

In a letter to the association, federation president Ugo Conta said: ''The guidelines issued by the Sports Development Board provide a basis upon which the various factions of the judo community of Hongkong may settle the long-standing dispute.

''The Hongkong Judo Federation is prepared to participate in reforming the national sports association for judo in accordance with the SDB guidelines.'' Conta's peace proposal was on the condition that any subsequent election process be supervised by the SDB or the Hongkong Amateur Sports Federation and Olympic Committee (ASF & OC).

A copy of the letter was sent to the SDB and to A. de. O. Sales, president of the ASF & OC.


A recent local television documentary suggested that the judo association's hierarchy owed their power to unfair practices.

Howard Wells, executive director of the SDB, said he would be meeting association officials this week to discuss the allegations.

The judo association is reluctant to comply with part of the SDB code as they feel it goes against their own constitution.