Still waiting for pay package

IN July 1992, after repeated discussions with the relevant government bodies, university medical doctors threatened to take industrial action because they, unlike their counterparts in the Government, were not given the choice to opt for a pay package similar to that offered by the Hospital Authority.

The Secretary for Education and Manpower, Mr John Chan, eventually agreed, in principle, at the end of July that such a choice should be given to university medical doctors and promised to work out the details by the end of October so that the package could be submitted to the finance committee for approval.

It is now six months down the road and the proposed package has still not been tabled.

Senior university teachers do not take drastic industrial action easily. While the Government procrastinated, university doctors were quietly leaving the service.

If the University Medical Doctors Association still adopts a very ''patient'' attitude, I am sure nothing concrete will result.

A UNIVERSITY MEDICAL DOCTOR (Name and address supplied)