Nostalgic Chinese concerts

UNDER the baton of renowned Chinese conductor Peng Xiu-wen, the Hongkong Chinese orchestra will give three concerts in the City Hall Concert Hall in February. The concert series will be part of the programme of the 1993 Hongkong Arts Festival.

The concerts will feature compositions of nostalgia and reminiscences by Peng. Pieces performed will include the symphonic poems Memories and Crane in the Clouds, selections from the suite The Twelve Months, and a concerto for liuqin, A Leibo Tune for Yueqin. Memories and The Twelve Months suite will be presented to Hongkong audiences for the first time.

The solo sections of Crane in the Clouds and A Leibo Tune for Yueqin will be played by assistant conductor and concertmaster Wong On-yuen and liuqin principal Yuen Shi-chun respectively.

Memories is said to be a work that reminds people of the sages and martyrs of ancient China, thereby giving an impetus and posterity to people of our times. The piece is in four movements: Memories at Ching Ming Festival ; In the Service of the Mother Country with Lofty Ideals ; Keep up Loyalty to the Han People ; and Enterprising Spirit Going Down to Posterity.

The selections from The Twelve Months express the composer's impressions of ancient people's feelings about his own life.

The liuqin concerto was jointly composed by Zhang Shiye and Yuen. Leibo is in the Yi minority autonomous region in Langshan, Sichuan. The work was adapted from songs for Yueqin in the Leibo area. In narrative style, it depicts the carnival scene at nightduring the torch festival and features the special flavour of the Langshan Yi minority.


The elements of the symphonic poem Crane in the Clouds symbolise the vast expanse of China's territory (crane) and the positive spirit of striving for progress with resolve (clouds). The musicians in the piece, endeavouring to pioneer new ways to rejuvenate Chinese traditional music, are depicted exploring their field like cranes flying high over China.

The concerts will be staged at the City Hall Concert Hall on February 12 and 13 at 8 pm and on February 14 at 3 pm. Tickets ranging from $30 to $90 are available at all URBTIX outlets. Tickets can be reserved by calling 734-9009.