Schoolgirl, 14, falls to death after voicing exam worries

A SCHOOLGIRL fell 22 floors to her death in Tseung Kwan O yesterday.

Form Three student Chan Fung-yee, 14, was found on the ground floor of Hong Lam House, a Tsui Lam Estate building, just before 7.40 am. She was certified dead on arrival at the United Christian Hospital.

No note was found and the case has been classified as ''person falling from height'' by investigating police officers.

Fung-yee's 36-year-old father, Mr Chan Sau-chi, said she appeared normal when leaving the family's 16th-floor flat at about 7.30 am to go to school.

Her mother, Ms Chan Yip Ping-lan, 36, said the girl prepared breakfast for her two younger sisters and brother before leaving.

''I told my husband last Sunday to talk to her to ease her worries about school examinations,'' she said.

''She looked unsatisfied about scoring 15th in the form because she was second in Form One and fourth in Form Two.

''I kept saying the family did not expect her to score well in examinations. I told her there was no problem if she did not do well in school because she would find a job.'' Mr Chan said his daughter had asked her sisters and brother how they would react if she died.

''She was angry last Saturday because my second oldest daughter, Man-yee, switched on the television while she was studying,'' he said.

''I turned off the television after she said she was fed up and wanted to die.'' Fung-yee was a student at Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School at Po Lam Estate.

School principal Mr Lour Tsang-tsay said: ''To some students, examinations, tests and homework could be seen as a kind of pressure. But it's a question each student has to face in reality because these are part of study.'' Mr Lour added that the school had asked students to write down how they felt about yesterday's tragedy.

''Hopefully, school social workers and counselling officers could provide timely assistance to potential problem students,'' he said.