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XFA boosts rebalancing strategies through options trading

PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 October, 2014, 5:15pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 3:44pm

Seamless access to global markets is crucial as institutional investors turn to options and derivatives as a means of rebalancing portfolios amid rising volatility. For Asian investors looking to diversify their assets in Western markets, partnering with the right trade execution firm is just as critical to success as finding profitable investment opportunities.

X-Change Financial Access (XFA) provides these advantages. As an industry-leading agency trade execution services firm for global exchange-traded derivatives, the firm is well-positioned to assist Asian investors in executing asset allocation strategies globally.

"XFA's goal is to link developed derivative markets in the West and emerging derivatives markets in Asia," says Timothy Hendricks, founder and senior managing partner. "As with our global clientele, Asian clients can rely on us to execute their transactions with discretion and without fear of jeopardising strategic or valuable proprietary information. Our expertise is centred on obtaining the best prices possible for them."

With offices in Chicago, New York and London, XFA is renowned for on-target clearing and execution services on the full spectrum of options and derivatives traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board Options Exchange and other global exchanges.

To participate in the growing derivatives business developing in Asia, XFA is focused on establishing long-term relationships, particularly in China. It invites potential partners to benefit from its long-standing relationships with United States-based liquidity providers - including commercial interests, commodity trading advisers, hedge funds and market making groups - covering a broad range of commodities, equity and fixed-income derivatives globally.

XFA would like to explore opportunities for energy and metals futures and options, equity index futures and options and grains futures and options, especially in the soybean complex. It is also seeking Asian tie-ups as these could also help regulators shape the region's derivatives market.

"Through knowledge transfer and the sharing of expertise on trading innovations with partners, XFA aims to be positioned on the 'financial highway' between advanced derivatives markets and developing exchanges," Hendricks says. "We believe this process will necessitate strong partnerships with successful firms in Asia."

X-Change Financial Access (XFA)