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Intelligent logistics solutions address growing trade volumes

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 October, 2014, 3:05pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 3:45pm

Over the course of its 107-year history, W.J. Byrnes has been continuing to raise the bar when it comes to logistics. It has transformed logistics from simply the transport of goods across the globe to a business strategy that gives customers a competitive edge in their businesses. More than just logistics services, W.J. Byrnes lends its industry expertise to enable customers to make intelligent choices.

"We advise our customers about our many services - we do not make decisions for them. We provide them with knowledge to help them decide which services give the best advantage," says John Leitner, president and CEO.

From freight forwarding, supply chain management and container services, to commodities expertise, customs clearance and international trade consulting, W.J. Byrnes provides integrated logistics services.

W.J. Byrnes has built an impressive portfolio of services made possible by extensive global connections. These connections enable W.J. Byrnes to obtain the most competitive rates. As a result, customers get cost-saving benefits from partnerships that the company has fostered for many years.

Moving away from a "one-size-fits-all" approach, W.J. Byrnes offers personalised services. The staff is well-trained to handle logistics concerns from customers across industries such as agriculture, alcoholic beverages, textiles, and biology and medical devices, to name a few.

One important location for W.J. Byrnes in terms of imports is China. With the growing disposable income of the Chinese middle class, W.J. Byrnes also considers the mainland a strong export market.

"The Chinese are developing a global perspective, and they have a global taste for products," Leitner says. "We aim to cater to this demand."

W.J. Byrnes is well-positioned to ferry increasing trade volumes between the United States and China and the rest of Asia with the help of its long-time partner, Swiss logistics firm M+R Spedag.

Aside from import and export activities, W.J. Byrnes also sees opportunities in providing its services to Chinese firms looking to establish their businesses in the US.

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