Walled City protest ends

THE last batch of former Kowloon Walled City residents said yesterday they were prepared to accept the Government's rehousing terms after admitting that their year-long protest to press for more compensation had failed.

The move could see the end to the 14-month dispute and violent demonstrations.

The 10 residents, some of whom have accepted cash compensation, have been camping out in an open space on Tung Tau Estate opposite the Walled City after being evicted in the clearances.

They admitted defeat yesterday and agreed to accept a government rehousing offer of public flats but maintained that they had been unfairly treated during compensation discussions.

Their representative, Mr Tsang Chor-hing, said: ''Some elderly women had been sleeping on the street for a year. The weather has turned cold in recent weeks and the most important thing is to let them get a home as soon as possible.

''We shall continue to fight for more compensation through the appeal board but we hope we can be assured a fair hearing.'' A Housing Department official said flats had been reserved for eligible residents and they could move in whenever they liked.