Taking the stairway to long life

SPURNING the lift and using the stairs to her fourth-floor flat was credited by 101-year-old Ms Law Ngor yesterday for helping her to stay in good health.

Ms Law was the oldest of 1,500 senior citizens who took part in the yan yat party in Tai Po yesterday, as part of the traditional birthday celebrations that follow the Lunar New Year festival.

Ms Law attributed her old age to a plain diet and healthy living.

''I live on the fourth floor and exercise regularly by walking up and down the block instead of taking the lift,'' she said in her Chiu Chow dialect.

''I'm not picky about my food but eat all kinds of things and still go to restaurants and have dim sum every day.'' Her daughter-in-law, 60-year-old Mrs Wong Lam Heung-lin, said Ms Law was very independent and able to take care of herself.

''She has not been sick for a long time and her eyesight is even better than a lot of people younger than her,'' Mrs Wong said.

''There is virtually no difficulty in taking care of her.'' Ms Law said she got all the love and affection she needed from her four children, more than 20 grandchildren, and more great-grandchildren than she could count.

Ms Law was awarded a gold medal, a prize she had been winning for the past eight years.

But she got an additional surprise because an anonymous donor had offered to buy her a two-tael gold peach, which she decided to keep as a souvenir.

Apart from Ms Law, four other elderly were also awarded with gold medals in the feast, which was organised by Tai Po District Board and various local associations.