Course in recreation management

HERE is an opportunity for sports and leisure lovers to upgrade their standards and broaden their horizon as a new part-time two year master programme is being offered.

The University of Hongkong's School of Professional and Continuing Education along with the University of Loughborough (UK) is planning to launch the Loughborough M.Sc Course in Recreation Management.

The programme is designed to meet local professional needs, and would include courses in Economics, Financial Management, Management of Human Resources, Quantitative Analysis, Marketing, Recreation Theory, Recreation Technology and Research Methods.

The course would be available to students with a first degree in a relevant subject, to those who are looking for a career switch, and to candidates without a first degree who can show evidence of appropriate academic ability and motivation.

The course might be attractive to those working in the fields of leisure, recreation and sports management or administration, either in the public or private sector, to teachers of physical education and coaches, or to business administrators.

For further information, write to: Mr Mike Speak, Director of Physical Education, University of Hongkong, Flora Ho Sports Centre, 111-113 Pokfulam Road, Hongkong.