School turns image maker

THE principal and teaching staff of Yan Chai Hospital Lim Por Yen Secondary School have taken steps to promote student guidance this academic year.

Because the subject of student guidance is fairly wide and non-specific, headmistress Mrs Lisu Chow Zee said the school had narrowed the theme down to ''Enhancing a student's self concept''.

With this objective in mind, the school's Moral and Civic Education Team and Student Counselling Committee met to organise a series of activities for the Moral and Civic Education Class.

Students from Forms 1 to 5 took part in various activities aimed at enhancing their self-image and improving self-esteem.

Activities included discussing a film, a projective test, value-clarification exercises and role-play.

''By taking part in these activities, we hope students have a better understanding of themselves, learn skills of self-expression and obtain clearer views of personal goals and moral values,'' Mrs Chow said.

She said she hoped teachers would encourage students to make positive efforts in both their academic and extra-curricular endeavours.

''This will make them more open to fruitful experiences which will increase self-confidence through participation of different activities,'' Mrs Chow said.

''If they have a higher self concept, they will be more self-assured, better motivated and have a more positive attitude in whatever they do. This will help them minimise the chances of making mistakes or misbehaving.'' And she said she hoped the spirit of the exercise would spread throughout the school and remain, even though the activities were completed in November.

''Students can still learn to establish their self concept through many channels, such as participation in taekwondo classes where students can be trained to be more disciplined.'' A taekwondo class started in the summer holidays last year and students will be encouraged to take an exam for different coloured belts.

Founded in 1982, the school plans to introduce a reading award scheme which will be launched either this month or March.

Yan Chai Hospital Lim Por Yen Secondary School 145-165 Tsuen King Circuit Tsuen Wan, NT BACKGROUND The school was founded in 1982. DESCRIPTION The co-educational secondary comprehensive school has an enrolment of 1,111. The staff comprises 52 full-time teachers and 20 auxiliary staff. HEADMASTER The principal is Mrs Lisu Chow Zee, who holds BA, Dip Ed and an M Ed, has 18 years' teaching experience. TEACHING LANGUAGE Students are taught in English but occasionally a mixed mode is practised.

ACTIVITIES The school offers a wide range of activities divided into four big groups. They are: Art, Interest, Service and Sport. SPORTS Students are encouraged to take part in volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, swimming and cross-country race. RECREATION Recreation facilities include a ball court, gymnasium cum school hall and an assembly hall. Students interested in singing or music can join the choir or wind instrument class. FACILITIES The school has 24 classrooms and an integrated science laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, a physics laboratory and a biology laboratory. Field trips are organised for Geography and Biology. SCHOLARSHIPS Yan Chai Scholarship, Peninsula Lions Club of Hongkong Scholarship, Lui Wing Cheung Scholarship and Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes. PREFECTS There are 58 prefects who are headed by Liu Ka-wang and Tam Kar-yee. SCHOOL MOTTO ''Self-respect, Compassion and Service for Community''