Pointers on the Pilot

I saw your note on the Pilot PDA (personal digital assistant). US Robotics has a Macromedia presentation/demo on their homepage that can be downloaded if people want to try it out.

I saw an ad for the unit a few months ago but was not too impressed with the demo.

I know it is not your job to market their PDA but since I am considering it I have a few questions.

Do you actually use it? Have you got any experience with the Newton? If so, how do they compare? You say it can be connected to an external modem, does that mean it has a terminal program or e-mail function? TORBJORN KARLSSON Central Yes, I do use the Pilot myself. I had a friend pick one up for me on a recent trip to the United States and have yet to find cause to regret it.

To be honest, although I played with the Newton for about two weeks when reviewing it quite a while ago, I never used it as extensively as the Pilot.

The Newton is a much more powerful all-round affair and the Pilot is not much more than a small, convenient organiser that hooks up to a PC in a neat way.

If you want the extra functionality and want to spend the extra cash, go for the Newton.

I think it is a lot better. I just use the Pilot instead of a Filofax.

The Pilot does not have communications software or an e-mail program built in, but apparently you can get a module from US Robotics.

I have not had any need for this because whenever I travel I take my notebook with me and merely use that to connect to the Net.

I have banged out an e-mail or two on the Pilot (as memos) when that was all I had with me at the time, but I suck them on to either my notebook or PC to send them off.

You may find all this a bit of a waste. I just like the Pilot.