Student groups divided over nominations

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 August, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 August, 1996, 12:00am

Student groups are divided over whether to nominate members to the Selection Committee.

The president of the Hong Kong Youth and Tertiary Students' Association, Yiu Pak-leung, said yesterday the association would send letters to its members within the next two weeks, inviting them to nominate for the 400-member body.

Mr Yiu said the Selection Committee provided 'a valuable opportunity to express our concerns to society and contribute to future government'.

Although the association has not decided how many candidates to nominate, Mr Yiu said he was keen to get a seat: 'I will run, though there may be little chance of winning a place.' He said the association had collected 30 application forms from the Preparation Committee Secretariat, and he hoped the Federation of Hong Kong Students would follow its example.

'I can't see that there is any use in protesting and chanting slogans outside the venues,' Mr Yiu said. 'Why not take a pragmatic attitude to sort out problems?' The federation refused to comment on Mr Yiu's remarks, but reiterated that it would not nominate members to the Selection Committee.

Chan Siu-ping, a member of the federation's committee, said the Selection Committee had no grounds for public support.

'I can't see that there is any value in sitting on the committee if it is dominated by a small number of people,' she said.

The acting chairman of the Hong Kong University Students' Union, Redford Foo Chun-ngai, said his members also would not join the Selection Committee.