Computer answer to painting problems

INTERNATIONAL (Courtaulds Coatings) has developed a computerised painting management systems - International Seacontrol - to meet ship operators' demands.

The marine coatings supplier says the software programme, which has been made available commercially for the first time, would help the industry meet the required standards of classification societies and charterers who were making much closer checks on vessel maintenance than before following a tremendous rise in vessel collisions over the past two years.

The company said although vessel design and construction has advanced in the past 10 years, corrosion control remains a major maintenance priority.

It said its system, once correctly set-up, would allow optimum control of on-board maintenanace, greater control of paint work quality and paint stock levels.

It said the construction of vessels of materials not corroded by wind and salt water was still not commercially viable.

International, quoting figures for 1992 from Fearnleys, Oslo, said the world fleet consisted of 7,798 vessels totalling 502 million deadweight tonnes (dwt), with 2,231 vessels, totalling 185.5 million dwt being between 16 and 20 years old.

These were vessels that needed continuous maintenance to keep them in safe working order, it said.