Thai group to re-launch title

MANAGER Trade Publishing (MTP), the subsidiary of Thai-based publishing house Manager International, has picked up another Travel and Trade Publishing (TTP) title, Asian Property, which folded in August 1991.

TTP, which was based in Hongkong, shut down four of its five magazines between August 1991 and August last year.

MTP funded a management buyout of TTP's regional advertising title Asian Advertising & Marketing in October last year for an undisclosed sum and has now added Asian Property, the monthly property trade magazine, to its stable.

Asian Property is in the hands of ex-Asian Business Press publisher Mr Chris Hemmings who is the managing director of MTP, based in Singapore.

''Under Hongkong law, titles have to be registered with the Government and because Asian Property had ceased publication it was no longer registered,'' Mr Hemmings said.

''We just applied to the authorities for the name of Asian Property and so acquired the title.'' The magazine will re-launch as a regional monthly tabloid in October.

Its focus will be commercial property as well as residential property from a developer's point of view. Circulation will be among estate agents, government and property developers.

''MTP is launching a series of titles and Asian Property will be the generic name,'' said Mr Hemmings.

Meanwhile, Asian Advertising & Marketing re-launches with a pilot issue in April.

Its 10,000-controlled circulation will be distributed throughout the region, much of it in the three key markets of Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia. Subscribers in the US and Britain will also get it.

An audit is being applied for immediately.

Editor and publisher, Ms Leslie Burt, said that the pilot will be followed by the magazine proper on June 18, appearing in its tabloid format every second Friday.

''The point in the pilot is to demonstrate to everybody what we are doing with the magazine. April is a natural time because it is the magazine's traditional annual review of the industry across the region,'' she said.

Advertising rates for Asian Advertising & Marketing range from US$4,500 for a single insert full page black and white spot to $5,500 for a full page four colour.