Day opens students' eyes

A SPECIAL curriculum offered by Li Po Chun United World College of Hongkong was one of the main points of interest for local students who toured the campus during open day.

Visitors were also impressed by the picturesque setting of the international institute which receives youngsters from around the world for a two-year post-secondary course.

The open day held last Saturday gave teachers and students a chance to stroll through the campus and inspect classroom facilities and other amenities such as the swimming pool. They also had a glimpse of the life enjoyed by boarding students.

Many commented on the benefits of enrolling in the college which is, in effect, an international community.

There are eight United World Colleges. The others are located in Britain, Canada, Singapore, Venezuela, Swaziland, Italy and the United States.

The Hongkong college is the latest and took its first students in September 1992. So far, 250 students from 35 countries around the world have enrolled with 40 per cent of the enrolment coming from Hongkong.


Fifth former Angie Chan said it would be a valuable experience to enrol in a college where youngsters of all races and cultures were given the chance to live andy study together.

''Attending the open day made me eager to enrol in the college should I be given the chance,'' Angie said.

She said she was particularly impressed by the boarding school system as it would allow students to become independent.

All students, including those from Hongkong, must live in accommodation provided by the college. Four students from different countries share a room.


''If people of different backgrounds are put together, they learn from each other's culture,'' noted Angie.

Another fifth former, Amingo Tang, said she was impressed by the curriculum which offered a wider choice than the average Hongkong school.


Students must take six subjects each year, including mathematics, two languages, one arts and one science subject. At the end of the course, they are required to write an extended essay on a topic from one of these subjects. Students must also take part in community services.

''I like the idea of writing an essay at the end of the course as it gives students the opportunity to carry out independent research,'' said Amingo.

''This is rare in other secondary schools and would help students experience the type of life they could expect at university.'' Amingo said she would enjoy the community service aspect as it would help her integrate better in society.


Visitor Joyce Ching was also impressed by the 6.6-hectare campus which is located near Chinese University of Hongkong and overlooks the Tolo Channel.

The United World College group, founded in Wales in 1962, aims to promote peace and understanding through education.

The college is receiving applications for local students and welcomes enquiries form five students who should be recommended by their headmasters. Scholarships will be granted to those in need of financial aid.