Classical music that tugs at the heartstrings

THIS Valentine's Day eve, classical music lovers will be able to enjoy a special romantic treat offered by Friends of the Philharmonic.

Mr Joseph Lee, who has a masters in music from Northwestern University in the United States, will introduce to audiences the composer's world of romance and emotion.

His talk, ''The Delightful World of Music - Composers' Romances'', will be interspersed with many love songs.

Music is an effective channel for the expression of feelings. When one has exhausted the words which reveal the passions and longings deep down inside, a tune or a love song can touch the heart.

There are many ''passionissimo'' composers in music history. They did not just compose for love - some of them even went to the court for love, were murdered for love, remained single for love and committed suicide . . . all for love.

No wonder when this passion is transformed into notes, it is so moving.

The talk will take place at Conference Room 1, Level 4, Administration Building, Hongkong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui on February 13 from 2.30-4.30 pm.

Admission is $30 (Non-Friend) or $20 (Friend). For enquiries, call Jimmy Shiu at 721-2320.