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Schmid shares top-notch biomass technology with Asia

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 March, 2015, 11:25am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 March, 2016, 5:06pm

Switzerland's international reputation is built on companies such as Schmid Energy Solutions, which has helped shape the country's long tradition in biomass energy technology. When Hans-Jurg Schmid passed his CEO post on to Philipp Luscher during the Schmid Group's 75th anniversary in 2011, he bestowed upon Lüscher the management of Switzerland's leading designer and manufacturer of wood-fired boiler systems for heating and electricity. After more than three years, the company has surpassed expectations.

"We're a market leader in a country that implements one of the strictest standards in environmental protection worldwide," Lüscher says. "We have a long tradition in the industry, pushing and mastering the technology for decades."

In collaboration with Swiss universities, Schmid develops and manufactures fully automatic, low-maintenance energy systems that run on wood fuel. The power output of its products range from less than 10kW to as much as 6,500kW and suit the specific heating and power requirements of homes, buildings, districts and industries.

"We focus on what clients need and not on what we want to sell them," Lüscher says. "Every installation is customised to give them the best solution."

Reflective of this commitment, Schmid provides around-the-clock after-sales service in Europe. In Japan, the company provides comprehensive customer support through Tomoe Shokai, its local partner of 11 years. Schmid wants to replicate this collaborative strategy in the United States and other countries in Asia such as South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China.

"We're excited to explore the growing international market with companies that have considerable background in energy and mechanical engineering," Lüscher says. "We're willing to invest in training them in all aspects of the business to cover client needs from end to end."


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