Parents have educational role

IN the aftermath of the Lan Kwai Fong tragedy, there has been a lot of discussion on underage drinking. I am quick to note that most, if not all, of the discussion has been surrounding government legislation restricting the sale of alcohol to minors in convenience stores.

I believe, however, that maybe we should turn the limelight away from stores selling the alcohol and back to the parents of the children buying the alcohol.

It is typical of parents to blame the Government and the supermarkets for selling alcohol to minors.

Yet, I think that they should look upon themselves to educate their children.

For example, the South China Morning Post, on January 22, carried a report on a 16-year-old expat youth who took a cardboard policemen from a supermarket. He had drunk seven bottles of beer and was in the supermarket in order to buy more. His father's only comment was to call on the government to make it illegal for supermarkets to sell alcohol to under-age people.

I am not disagreeing, but it is not up to the Government to stop underage drinking; it is up to the parents to teach their children not to drink.

LEONTINE CHUANG Shouson Hill THE tragedy of Lan Kwai Fong should serve as a lesson for us all.

People must learn, in the future, when in crowds, to try and act in a disciplined way.

If possible we should avoid crowded places and if in a crowd, then we must behave properly.

We should not spill drink or drink too much.