Get rid of these hawkers

I LIVE in Hoi Wu Court, which is situated in Aberdeen Centre.

I am concerned about the increasing number of hawkers, especially on Chengtu Road.

These hawkers, many of whom must be illegal, sell a number of items such as clothes, cooked food, hair clips, combs and other hair-care accessories. They jam together on the pavement and effectively block the street.

As they want to attract customers they shout, touting their wares and this goes from about 10 pm till midnight, which is very irritating for residents.

We have talked to the hawker management team, but their chief official explained that there was little he could do, as it was a problem which was widespread.

I think the relevant government department should do something to get rid of these illegal hawkers from Aberdeen, so that residents can enjoy a more pleasant environment.

I know many other residents feel the same way as I do.