Legco 'letdowns'

SOMETIMES it is hard to understand what role some Legco councillors think they fulfil.

Mr Philip Wong declared Legco should not carry the responsibility of deciding whether to amend the Patten package (Sunday Morning Post, January 10). He does not think Legco should exercise any decision-making function in determining basic constitutional laws.

He goes even further, saying: ''I take China for its word because it is the authority and I am not in a position to say otherwise.'' If that is the attitude now, it is not hard to guess what it will be like in 1997.

One has to question whether he has any understanding of the burdens and responsibilities falling on members of a legislature worthy of the name.

The most extraordinary thing is he is not alone in his refusal to accept responsibility. Most members of the Co-operative Resources Centre have similar beliefs: public position entitles them to respect, but imposes no obligation.