Political reform survey

HONGKONG believes China should tone down its attacks over political reform while the Governor, Mr Chris Patten, recovers from his recent operation.

Forty-nine per cent are in favour of scaling down the propaganda offensive, with 27 per cent opposed. Twenty-four per cent are unsure.

There was little support for the appointment of a deputy governor despite Mr Patten's recent illness. Only 29 per cent supported such a move while 65 per cent were opposed. Six per cent expressed no opinion.

The latest Sunday Morning Post survey on the Patten package has revealed an increase in public support for the Governor over the past month.

Twenty-one per cent now oppose the proposed political reforms, down from the 31 per cent recorded in a December 16 survey.

There has been a small increase in support, up from 47 to 52 per cent, in the latest survey.


Thirty-six per cent now say the Governor should go ahead with his political reforms even if it means abandoning the through train. This is up from 34 per cent recorded in a December 23 survey.

While 44 per cent oppose such a move, this is down from the 49 per cent recorded in the previous survey.