Second concert should keep Lai's fans happy

AFTER the huge success of his first solo concert held in October last year, Leon Lai-ming has decided to have a second concert in August. According to Lai, he has come under pressure by fans to organise the concert.

Most people received their lai see over the Lunar New Year festivities. But Jacky Cheung Hok-yau missed out because he spent the New Year holiday in New York. And it seems his girlfriend is going to miss out on Chinese Valentine's Day.

Asked what activities he had planned for his girlfriend, Cheung said he had nothing in mind as he was too busy working on his two new films.

Before Jimmy Lin returned to Hongkong to begin work on his new film, he celebrated the Lunar New Year in his homeland - Taiwan - where he intended taking a rest and letting off some firecrackers. But with so many fans gathered in front of his house overthe New Year period, Lin said he was unable to go out.

Gloria Yip Wan-yee will go to Taiwan in March to record an album in Putonghua. Although Yip is a Hongkonger, she said her Putonghua was quite good. She explained that since she is always in Taiwan carrying out promotional work, she needed to speak Putonghua.

Emily Lo Suk-yee and her mother were involved in a slight accident recently. It happened when Lo was parking her father's car in a parking area in Tsim Sha Tsui and she bumped the car. She has held her driving licence for several months without mishap but said that after the incident, her father asked her how she had managed to get her licence!