Key range of ICL PCs announced

ICL Personal Systems (Asia), the PC division of the British-based computer giant, has announced the addition of key new products to complement the range of PCs introduced last August.

The new range highlights a variety of PCs from entry-level 386s to workstations and high-end 486FX serves, with price reductions aggressively targeting leading international brands and a greater share of the Asia regional market.

''We knew when we were designing the new products that our pricing policy would put us among the most affordable PC suppliers in Asia,'' said Ms Jenny Plaister, manager at ICL's PS (Asia) Operations.

The new range offered by PS (Asia) begins with the entry-level Compact Slimline CS386/25, now eight per cent cheaper than its previous entry-level PC, the CS386/20.

With two megabytes of RAM, an 85-MB hard disk, DOS 5.0, Windows 3.1 and a mouse, the CS386/25 will list for only US$999.

The CL486 (Compact Lowline) series is a new series to the ICL range.

Both models (the CL486s/25 and CL486) are upgradeable.

with an Inter Overdrive processor.