Mother told police of son's stash of drugs

A WIDOW blew the whistle on her son when she found cannabis resin in his wardrobe and took it to police officers patrolling in the street to confirm it was drugs, a court heard.

Hair stylist So Yung-kam, 22, pleaded guilty before Deputy Judge To to possessing 88 grams of cannabis resin for unlawful trafficking. His Norwegian wife, Cecilie Gamst Berg, 31, a graphic designer, was discharged after the Crown offered no evidence against her.

Mr Lui Kit-ling told the District Court the defendant lived with widow Mrs Wong Sze and her three other children in Fu Yan House, Fu Shan Estate, Kowloon.

So kept his personal belongings in the drawer of a wardrobe, and on April 15 last year Mrs Wong noticed a few blocks of a substance wrapped in plastic sheets inside the drawer.

A week later she found only half the substance and it was unwrapped. She took it down to the street and stopped patrolling police officers to ask them about it.

She was taken to Ngau Tau Kok police station and officers accompanied her home, where they found more drugs in the drawer. The defendant was arrested and his wife later surrendered to police.

The court heard that Mrs Wong objected to her son marrying a foreigner. They had married in secret and the widow only found out after the pair were arrested.

In mitigation, Mr Osmond Lam said they married secretly in June 1991 because of disapproval from the family. But he denied that Mrs Wong had blown the whistle out of spite, adding that his client realised his mother did it because she cared for him.

The defendant hoped his family would come to accept his wife.

He had hoped to emigrate to Norway but Mr Lam said his criminal conviction would now cast a shadow over his plans.

He used to smoke cannabis twice a week but had now given up. The drugs in his home were for his and his friends' use.

Sentence was adjourned until February 22 for reports.