No shelter for students

ON January 15, our school held its annual athletic meet at Aberdeen Sports Ground.

It was a cloudy, chilly and windy morning. Despite the unfavourable weather, all competitions went on smoothly as scheduled with 1,000-strong students watching on the unsheltered stands.

About an hour later, it started drizzling, which in no time developed into squally showers. All the athletes and spectators were beaten by the rain as there was nowhere in that bare field where they could take cover. Consequently, we had to suspend the meet and send the soaked-to-the-skin boys home. Fortunately, they left the ground in good order.

In the light of this incident, we feel misgivings about the design of the stands at the ground. While our students got wet, had it been a hot summer's day, they would similarly have had no protection from the sun.

I would urge the relevant authorities to take immediate action to erect shelters over the stands, as many primary and secondary schools from Hongkong Island hold their athletic meets there.

Brother JOHN WU Principal of Aberdeen Technical School