Garuda selects DDB Needham

GARUDA Indonesia airline has switched its US$20 million-plus worldwide advertising account to DDB Needham Singapore after a lengthy pitch involving D,Y & R, Lintas and incumbent FCB in Sydney.

DDB's Jakarta affiliate, Fortune, will be part of the Singapore operation.

CCANN-Erickson has lost the Hennessy cognac contract in Malaysia and Singapore to Batey Ads Singapore.

The two markets are small in sales terms but the loss puts a dent in McCann's regional handling of Hennessy, leaving it with Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand and China.

ETRO Broadcast's Hit Radio station is producing a music programme for mainland station Radio Foshan in Guangdong Province.

The 90-minute programme, Joy and Fun Night, which began airing last weekend, broadcasts nightly from 10 pm to 11.30 pm and is hosted by Hit Radio DJs Lucina Yu and Davis Kwan.

Hit Radio produces the programme in Hongkong and sends the recorded tape to Radio Foshan each day from where it is broadcast throughout Guangdong.

TIME Magazines in Asia has made some changes to the management of Fortune in response to the title's expansion in the region.

Former business development director Asia of Time Magazines, Mr Steve Marcopoto, is now Fortune's managing director in Asia.

He is responsible for Asia-Pacific sales, sales into the US and Europe, and will also co-ordinate Asian sales from Japan with Fortune's Japan advertising director Mr Tsunehiro Kinashi.

Fortune will be managed directly by Time Asia.

Martin Clinch and Associates will continue to represent it in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan and in Hongkong during a transitional period under Mr Marcopoto's direction.

THE Asian Wall Street Journal (ASWJ ) will launch a weekly Hongkong section on March 1.

Called Hongkong Week, it will focus on personal finance, investment, and property.

It is the first local section to be launched by the Wall Street Journal worldwide and could be a blueprint for more local sections in the future.

To be launched on March 1, it will form a third section of the broadsheet publication, and will comprise 10 to 12 pages of financial features.

AWSJ editor Mr Urban Lehner said it would offer its readers advice and information, and establish itself as an authoritative voice in the business world.