Officer's stepson on probation

THE stepson of a police superintendent was yesterday put on probation for handling more than $87,000 stolen in a robbery.

Jeffrey Cox, 16, earlier pleaded guilty in South Kowloon Court to handling stolen goods.

Cox, a student, is the stepson of Superintendent John Cox of the Marine Region of the Royal Hongkong Police Force.

The defendant admitted handling $87,670 in stolen cash in Tsim Sha Tsui on December 20, last year.

Magistrate Mr Richard Davies put Cox on probation for 18 months and imposed a curfew order.

The court heard that a friend asked Cox to take part in a robbery. Cox refused. The following day, he went to Kowloon Park to see whether the robbery would take place.

He saw his friend and the 15-year-old victim, Pavan Narang, intercepted by three unknown men.

Pavan, who had earlier collected $621,440 for his father at a money changer, was robbed of a bag containing the money.

One of the robbers handed Cox $87,670 and told him he would be given $5,000 for looking after it.

Cox was told his friend would contact him later to collect the money.

On his way to return the stolen money to his friend the next day, Cox was stopped by three police officers in Tsim Sha Tsui for acting suspiciously. He admitted the money he was carrying had been stolen.

Mr Davies noted that Cox was a first-time offender and was confident his stepfather would supervise him.

Cox's solicitor Miss Anita Chow said her client had revealed the identity of one of the thieves to police which led to the arrests of all culprits.