Elite received all the publicity

MIKE Field's coverage of the Hongkong (Shenzhen) cross border marathon on January 31 (South China Morning Post, February 1) seemed a little biased.

Only if the runners were members of either the Hongkong Sports Institute (HKSI) elite squad or Watson's Athletics Club (WAC) was this fact mentioned. Runners from other clubs or sponsors received no such acknowledgement.

It must be disheartening for the number of clubs, commercial sponsors and individuals who are trying to raise the standard of athletics in Hongkong to see just the cream of the crop getting all the publicity.

Just a few weeks before the Marathon, all the young athletes from Yuen Long were left out of their district team to the New Territories Athletics Meet and replaced instead with elite athletes from the HKSI and WAC.

This hardly seems to be the way to encourage interest and raise standards.

G. SMITH New Territories