Mok grabs chance for an album

SEIZING opportunities is something young people should be encouraged to do, upcoming singer Karen Mok Man-wai believes, and she is setting such an example.

Mok said she decided to take up the offer to record an album and become a singer because opportunity does not knock twice. For this, the 22-year-old had to defer her final-year studies in Italian and Italian Literature at London University.

''I have the chance to sing, which is something of great interest to me. And I can't let the opportunity slip. I can always continue my studies later on,'' she said.

''But eventually, I hope to finish my course. It would be such a waste because I have already gone through three years of it and Italian is another love of mine.'' Mok said her lucky break came last Easter when she came home for the holidays.

''At that time, my record company, Star, was looking for singers. Through a mutual friend, I met officials of the company and it wasn't long before I signed a contract with them,'' she said.

Since then, Mok said her life had been busier. In addition, she had to learn to re-adjust to life in Hongkong again after being away for more than five years.


''I left for Italy on a scholarship from the United World College there after I completed Form 5 at Diocesan Girls' School,'' she said.

After two years in Italy, she moved to UK for her degree course.

Mok also plays the gu cheng . But for now, her main concern is to do her best in singing. ''I am only starting, I just hope the audience will accept me and my songs.'' She said she was heavily influenced by jazz music. ''Because jazz to me is the best type of music to express oneself.'' ''Although I would like to incorporate jazz elements into my music, right now my music will remain more commercial and mainstream.'' Mok's debut album will be available in the shops in mid-March.