Medics to train for 'pile-ups'

THE Auxiliary Medical Services will add a ''human pile-up'' rescue exercise to the training of its crack paramedics team in response to a suggestion by Mr Justice Bokhary during his inquiry into the New Year Lan Kwai Fong tragedy.

Chief Staff Officer Mr Lok Cham-choi yesterday said a mock Lan Kwai Fong scenario would be incorporated into the rescue drill programme of the services' 65-strong Emergency Response Task Force.

The programme already includes mock disasters such as an aircraft crash, nuclear plant leak, rainstorm and flooding, serious fire and traffic accidents.

Mr Justice Bokhary, who is expected to submit his final report next Tuesday, had suggested all emergency services stage mock human pile-ups to decide the best way of saving victims.

Meanwhile, Mr Justice Bokhary yesterday said he would seek more information on an incident in which a teenager fell during a Hongkong Coliseum concert on Saturday night.

Lee Kar-cheong, 17, was in a critical condition at Queen Elizabeth Hospital last night after he was found unconscious below a staircase during an Andy Lau Tak-wah concert.

Lee and his brother left their 19th row seats when more than 1,500 balloons showered from the ceiling.