Hit-and-run hurt my son

LAST Sunday I took my nine-year-old son and daughter, aged five, for a walk along Bowen Road. After walking for a few minutes my son was suddenly knocked down by a ''gweilo'' jogger coming from the opposite direction.

My son fell on hands and knees into the gutter and, to my dismay, the jogger did not even have the grace to stop and check whether he had injured the boy. He jogged on and only turned briefly to make a gesture which I did not understand.

My son was in tears, and understandably so, after being knocked down by a man who was more than six feet tall and probably weighed more than 80 kilos.

One or two other ''gweilo'' joggers have shown their irritation when children are in their way. I'm sure they don't own the road.

I have been a widow for almost four years. Without a male influence at home, I think this hit-and-run incident involving someone so much stronger will only have an adverse impact on my son.

Y.L. KWONG Quarry Bay