Racial bias bred in the law

I FAIL to see why people are jumping down P. K. Lee's throat. I refer to the person who wishes to see Filipinas charged for the use of Statue Square, as well as the airport greeting areas; the one who feels that those who were born and bred in Hongkong cando as they damn well please. There is far more bias at a much higher level, so why single Mr Lee out? Certain policies, supported by the Government encourage the sort of discrimination that this budding Genghis Khan wants put into the rule books. Those employing foreign domestic helpers and who are (even mildly) dissatisfied with their performance can trump up some charge of incompetence (or even dishonesty), and summarily discharge them.

Many employers do just that, without even a thought of the moral debt that they owe to the person who has cared for their babies, while they have been out on the town.

The law, in this area, is blatantly unfair. It should have no place in any society, let alone one which outwardly supports the tenets of freedom. TONY LAWSON Stanley