New group to boost services

AMERICAN International Assurance (Bermuda), a member company of American International Group, recently launched a new health service programme which provides free medical check-ups for designated clients.

This new service is known as Your Wellness Programme and American International Assurance (Bermuda) is the first life insurance company in Hongkong and Asia to provide such a service.

Your Wellness Programme is a custom-made service offering the insured a free comprehensive medical check-up plus health risk assessment.

The programme adopts a three-step approach to assess the insured's health status. These steps are a health questionnaire, a medical check-up by an American International Assurance (Bermuda) doctor and a detailed health risk appraisal report.

Based on the medical examination and health questionnaire, a computer will carry out an analysis and produce a detailed personalised report.

The report provides an overall score with ratings on a five-point scale ranging from poor to excellent.

The appraisal is supplemented by recommendations for addressing problem areas or weaknesses, to be followed up by the client's family doctor.

As well as Hongkong, Your Wellness Programme is also offered to policyholders in Malaysia and Singapore.

Commenting on the new health service, Mr James Wong, senior vice-president and general manager (Hongkong) of American International Asia (Bermuda) said: ''Your Wellness Programme is an added benefit to customers at no extra cost.

''If the insured is found to have contracted an illness, his insurance coverage would not be affected.

''We recognise the importance of curative medicine in today's society and our main objective in launching the programme is to promote health consciousness amongst our policyholders.

''Nowadays, the public's health consciousness has increased and yet only a small number have regular medical checks.

''People generally only visit the doctor when they are sick but this may be too late if the person has already contracted a serious illness.

''Given that medical science can now cure so many illnesses we feel it is important to encourage people to participate in a preventive medical programme.

''A particular feature of Your Wellness Programme is how comprehensive it is.

''A number of factors affect our health and some of these can be easily neglected. So besides enquiring about current health and past medical history, Your Wellness Programme also examines the lifestyle of the person to be insured.

''This includes dietary habits and stress levels.

''By looking at all these factors, the computer can produce an in-depth analysis and provide a more comprehensive health risk appraisal report.

''The medical appraisal and detailed recommendations provide useful information but this would naturally be kept confidential.'' He added that by going through the health assessment process, the insured would gain greater insight into potential risk factors for disease and would be able to reduce stress by improving his lifestyle.

This could increase life expectancy.

American International Assurance (Bermuda) is one of the leading life insurance companies in Hongkong, providing a range of insurance services including life, pension, group life, group medical, credit life and accident and health products.

Parent company American International Group is the largest underwriter of commercial and industrial insurance in the United States.

With assets of around US$69 billion (about HK$540 billion), American Internatinal Group member companies write property, casualty, marine life and financial services insurance in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions.