Singers help famine victims

IN support of this year's ''30-Hour Famine'', a mini-concert was held on Valentine's Day as part of the fund-raising programmes.

The ''30-Hour Famine Mini-concert'', jointly organised by World Vision of Hongkong and Commercial Radio 2, took part in an outdoor area of Whampoa Garden.

Thirteen popular artistes including Faye Wong, Irene Wan, Shirley Kwan, Lee Kwok-cheung, Shirley Yuen, Patrick Tam, Winnie Lau, Annie Leung, Raymond Choi, Chan Chung-ling, Wilson Lam, Tsui Chun-tung and Luk Ka-chun performed their newest love songs.

The singers also donated their favourite items for sale at an auction.

The audience had a wonderful time with their idols. They took a lot of pictures and yelled out their favourite singers' names. They also grabbed most of the items donated by the singers for sale.

Irene Wan donated two lovely stuffed animals and her latest CDs for sale at the small-scale auction.

The CD's original price is $50, but it was sold at $200. The two stuffed animals were sold at $600 each.

A counter set up by World Vision selling chocolates and dolls also attracted a lot of visitors.

The proceeds would go towards victims of famine and poverty in Third World countries such as China, the Philippines, Africa, India and Bangladesh.

Following this concert, a series of fund-raising activities will be held. Another mini-concert will be held on March 14.

Meanwhile, a ''Rehabilitation on Famine'' programme, co-organised by World Vision of Hongkong and Rehabilitation Alliance, will be held this Sunday.

A Famine Camp will be held on March 27 and 28 at the Hongkong Coliseum. The response to this camp has been encouraging. Many people have signed up for the camp.

Anyone interested in joining the camp should fill out the application forms and send them to World Vision of Hongkong before March 10.

For more information, call the 30-Hour Famine hotline on 312-2000.