Shadow body agrees to meet in Legco chamber

SHARON CHEUNG Members of the provisional legislature have agreed to adopt the Legislative Council building as the venue for meetings after July 1.

But they will hold their inaugural meeting elsewhere on July 1 to avoid confrontations with angry protesters.

Bruce Liu Sing-lee of the Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood said members agreed they should continue to use the building after the handover.

Mr Liu said: 'First of all, the new venue must be large enough to accommodate 60 legislators, the public and media.

'After all, finding an office for the 300-strong secretariat is also a problem.' Raymond Ho Chung-tai, an independent member of the shadow body, saw no reasons not to use the Legco building.

'This building is used for legislative purposes . . . since the present Legco won't exist after the handover, we have reason to move in,' he said.

Dominic Chan Choi-hi, the former Democrat, said the Legco building's colonial nature would not deter members from using it.

'I think no other venue is better than this,' he said.

Mr Liu believed it was likely the inaugural ceremony would be at the Convention and Exhibition Centre.