Play fair in smoking ban

I REFER to your article ''No kidding as ferries stamp out smoking''(South China Morning Post, February 18).

Although I agree that it is an offence to smoke on public transport, it is a pity that an element of discretion has not been included in the ordinance. Most smokers on ferries smoke on the outside deck. The smoke blows away and even I, as an ardent non-smoker, can see no objection to that. It would be more sensible to restrict the ban to inside the cabin.

I also question the use of confrontational tactics by the Hongkong Ferry Company. I have noticed that such ''confrontations'' have only succeeded in alienating the smokers.

Finally, where's the wisdom in sending a group of teenagers to do the company's dirty work. But, if the patrols persist, please do not ''confront'' but ''request'' and try to ''educate'' not ''alienate''.